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Science Assembly For Schools

The Wacky Science Show is the MOST FUN science assembly for schools in the Houston area.

Your elementary students will have a blast as “Dr. Science” shows them amazing experiments that look just like magic!

This interactive school assembly show just how much fun science can be. And, it teaches lessons that tie right into your science curriculum.

It’s the perfect show for STEM programs too!

The Wacky Science Show is filled with audience participation, comedy, magic, and mind-blowing science experiments.

Here’s a sample of what they’ll learn

  • The Scientific Method (Through a fun story about Cinderella!)
  • The different types of science including Math, Physical, Social, & Life Science
  • Experiments with chemicals (And the safety rules that go with them)
  • How to make something fly using air pressure! (My favorite part of the assembly!)
  • An incredible “Magic Trick” using centrifugal force
  • Optical Illusions…and much, much more!

Bring The Wacky Science Show To Your School

To bring the number one science assembly for schools to your students, visit The Wacky Science Show.

Booking with is easy! And, your performing is a headlining magician for Disney Cruise Lines!