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Great Pictures From The Wacky Science Show!

Texas School Shows was recently hired by the Bridge City PTA to bring the best science-themed magic show in Texas, “The Wacky Science Show” to their schools! Our school science-themed magic show is quickly becoming our most popular school assembly! Take a look at these pictures to see just how much fun learning science can be!

school science show

Fun with Air Pressure

school science show

Simple Machines!

Science magician

Putting the “Wacky” in “The Wacky Science Show!”

We use LOTS of Volunteers!

science-themed school assembly

Fun with Chemistry!

The Bigger the Audience at The Wacky Science Show…the BETTER!

The Wacky science show

Big Audiences Means BIG Fun!

If you’d like to bring this much fun and education to your school, book the best science assembly in Texas, “The Wacky Science Show!” Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!¬†