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Bring Professional School Show Magician Chad Chesmark to your Elementary School for an Amazing, EDUCATIONAL School Show
Featuring Magic, Juggling, Audience Participation and TONS of FUN!

Your students will experience the same award-winning Magic at their school show that Chad performs on a regular basis for Disney Cruise Lines! Children AND teachers will have an unforgettable experience as Chad entertains the audience with these action-packed 45-minute school shows!


With Chad Chesmark’s Magic, kids LOVE to LEARN! If you would like to add an educational theme to the Magic School Show, we have several fantastic options to choose from!

Themed Educational Magic Shows for Schools: Reading, Anti-Bullying & Science!


Books Create Magic Logo


1) ”Books Create Magic!” Reading Magic School Show

In this school show, Chad Chesmark uses popular children’s books as an entrance into the wonderful world of magic. “Books Create Magic” focusses on the importance, joy, and wonder of books and reading.

Your students will witness magical moments from their favorite books as they come to life right before their very eyes! Chad shows students how virtually anything is possible when we simply open a book! This is the biggest, most exciting reading show that you and your students have ever seen!


Here's a short video of our hilariously fun reading themed magic school show "Books Create Magic!"


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Anti Bullying School Show

2) “I Am Unafraid – The Magic Show” Anti-Bullying / Character Building School Show

This school show has a strong focus on putting a stop to bullying. It teaches students to respect others and has an emphasis on character building!

In order to develop the most effective anti-bullying show, Chad sought the help and expertise of Dr. Jay Bank's and his acclaimed "I Am Unafraid" program.  The "I Am Unafraid" approach to teaching preventative bullying techniques to students and teachers has shown up to a 50% reduction rate in bullying! To read more about Dr. Jay Banks and his program, Click Here.

Recent research suggests that this student anti-bullying program reduces bullying on average of 50% (DiBasilio, 2008; Packman, Lepkowski, Overton, & Smaby, 2005).  If you want to reduce bullying in your school, this might be what you’re looking for! Chad takes the educational components of  "I Am Unafraid" and combines them with hilariously funny magic routines to bring "I Am Unafraid – The Magic Show!"



“Chad Chesmark used magic and comedy to engage the students in the serious topic of bullying.  He gave them real life strategies that will certainly help all students at any grade level in dealing with the issue.  I was personally very impressed with the show.  It was informative, entertaining, and engaging.” –  Scott A. Gantz, Assistant Principal, Turlington Elementary

Here's a short video of our anti-bullying school show "I Am Unafraid – The Magic Show!"



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science school shows wacky science

3)   "The Wacky Science Show!" Amazing Science-Themed School Show with a Touch of Magic


“This is the only elementary assembly ever to receive our Touch-Tech Award for excellence in hands-on science education.” 

R. Matthews Davis, Public Relations, Dow Chemical Corp., Houston

Chad Chesmark performed a Science School Show for The National Inventor’s Hall of Fame or Inventure Place while attending The University of Akron. In Wacky Science, he combines incredible science experiments with hilarious gags & a bit of magic that’ll have your students WANTING to learn more about science!

The "Wacky Science School Show" is a student & teacher favorite. This nationally recognized, award-winning show makes learning science fun and exciting. Many students get to participate on stage in high-energy, hands-on, mind-blowing lessons while discovering that everyday items can be used to perform amazing science experiments that look like magic. Lots of interaction, comedy, music, and surprises combine in this perfect complement to classroom activities. We guarantee that The Wacky Science Show will be one of the best if not THE best, science school shows your students will ever see!

This fun-filled school show puts science in the hands of more than a dozen onstage volunteers. Your students will witness items seemingly levitating in mid-air, optical illusions, chemical reactions and much more. We make the Scientific Method easy to understand and remember. The Observer newspaper called this show “a whirlwind of learning with a cross between Jim Carrey and Bill Nye as your host.”

Here's a short video of our science school show "The Wacky Science Show!" It looks like magic…but it's just awesome science!


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been in the position of scheduling our assemblies for the past two years and this one- without a doubt got the BEST feedback!!!!
People -teachers and students LOVED IT!!!!
Thank you so much for making learning fun for our Chittick School students!"-
Sheira Director-Nowack
Chittick School PTA
New Jersey

4)  Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam! (Our NEWEST Show!)

This show is perfect for Constitution Week, Veteran's Days, President's Days, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or anytime you want a show about United States History and Patriotism! Your students will see the Bill of Rights explained through magic and a ton of audience participation! For full details visit: http://www.unclesamshow.com/

5)  PTA Family FUN Night!

This is an exciting Magic School Show for the Entire Family! Have Chad Chesmark perform the same show that he has been performing on the World’s Largest Cruise Ships for the past 13 years Right at Your School! This school show can be used as a FUNDRAISER for your PTA/PTO!


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