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TexasSchoolShows was Just Featured in Voyage Houston Magazine

Posted on: December 13th, 2017 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

You can read the full article by visiting the link below:

Meet Chad Chesmark of TexasSchoolShows.com in Richmond

I Am Unafraid – The Anti Bullying Magic Show at Cy Fair ISD

Posted on: November 3rd, 2015 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

 A Few Great Pics from the Anti Bullying Assembly at Robison Elemetary

The magician, Chad Chesmark, performed for our students today as part of our fundraising incentive.

Posted by Robison Elementary on Monday, November 2, 2015

anti bully show Robison 2

Video of Anti-Bullying Show in Texas

Posted on: February 19th, 2015 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

I performed "I Am Unafraid – The Anti-Bullying Magic Show" at Turlington Elementary and their staff made this great highlight video!

Anti-Bullying Sign

Using Magic to Empower Students in Our Anti-Bullying Show

Take a look:
‪#‎antibullying‬ ‪#‎bullyingshow‬

If you would like to bring this anti-bullying magic show to your Houston area elementary or middle school, simply visit our homepage and click for more information. Our middle school version of the show is different from the elementary version. It will have your students seriously thinking about the implications of school bullying and will empower them to take the appropriate actions to handle bullying when it happens to them or another student.

If you'd like to have this anti-bullying show visit your school, please visit www.TexasSchoolShows.com

New Pictures From Our School Science Show “Wacky Science”

Posted on: February 18th, 2015 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

Great Pictures From Our School Science Show!

Texas School Shows was recently hired by the Bridge City PTA to bring the best school science show in Texas, “The Wacky Science Show” to their schools! Our school science show is quickly becoming our most popular school assembly! Take a look at these pictures to see just how much fun a school science show can be!

school science show

Fun with Air Pressure

school science show

Simple Machines!

school science show Texas

Putting the “Wacky” in “The Wacky Science Show!”

In Our School Science Show, we use LOTS of Volunteers!

school science show

Fun with Chemistry!

The Bigger the Audience at our School Science Show…the BETTER!

school science show

Big Audiences Means BIG Fun!

If you’d like to bring this much fun and education to your school, book the best school science show in Texas, “The Wacky Science Show!” Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook! 

TexasSchoolShows.com in the News!

Posted on: February 13th, 2015 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

I recently performed my reading themed magic show “Books Create Magic” in Katy, Texas and made the paper!

Here’s the link:  TexasSchoolShows in The Katy Times

School Assemblies Texas



Elementary School Show Magician Chad Chesmark Performs on The Disney Magic!

Posted on: November 4th, 2014 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

I took a break from performing my school show, but had an amazing time performing on the Disney Magic this past week.

I was lucky enough to work with my good friend, Mike Price. He’s one of the best jugglers in the world and you may have recently seen him on America’s Got Talent! We had so much fun with enjoying the awesome hospitality that only Disney can deliver to their entertainers! I hope to see one of you on a cruise someday or maybe at a school show!


If you’d like to have the best school show in Texas, please visit our website here School Show

Texas School Show

Imagine bringing the magician from Disney Cruise Lines Direct to your students for the ultimate school show! Rates available online! Save $$$ by booking a school show at 2 neighboring schools in one day!


TexasSchoolShows.com will provide your students with the BEST school show around!

Science Show for Elementary Schools

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

Video Teaser for Our Elementary School Science Show “Wacky Science!”

school science shows


Wacky Science” is the Most Exciting Science Show that Your Texas Elementary School Students will Love!

Click Here For Science Show Booking Information

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our Science Show on Facebook by Clicking HERE!

“The Wacky Science Show!” Amazing School Science Show About Science With a Touch of Magic


“This is the only elementary assembly ever to receive our Touch-Tech Award for excellence in hands-on science education.” 

R. Matthews Davis, Public Relations, Dow Chemical Corp., Houston

Click Here For Science Show Booking Information
Chad Chesmark performed an Elementary School Science Show for The National Inventor’s Hall of Fame or Inventure Place while attending The University of Akron. In Wacky Science Show, he combines incredible science experiments with hilarious gags & a bit of magic that’ll have your students WANTING to learn more about science!

The “Wacky Science Show” is a student favorite. The nationally recognized, award-winning school show teaches that science can be exciting and fun. Up to ffifteen students participate on stage in high energy, hands-on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform amazing science experiments. Lots of surprises, comedy, gorgeous sets and music combine in this perfect complement to classroom activities. Guaranteed to be the best school science show that your students will ever see!

More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, this zany school science show puts science in the hands of more than a dozen onstage volunteers. With a focus on science with everyday objects, “Dr. Science”  makes the Scientific Method easy to understand. The Observer newspaper called this science show “a whirlwind of learning with a cross between Jim Carrey and Bill Nye as your host.” Visit TexasSchoolShows.com to find out about our other elementary school shows and more details about our science show, “Wacky Science!”


Anti Bullying School Show in Texas

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

Video Teaser of Our Anti Bullying Magic School Show Assembly “I Am Unafraid – The Magic Show”


This Anti Bullying School Show teaches students how to deal with bullies in a Fun Interactive Magic Show!

Anti Bullying School Show

I Am Unafraid – The Magic Show

 Booking this Anti Bullying Magic School Show for Your Texas School is Easy! Click the Button Below for Anti Bullying Details

Click Here for Anti Bullying School Show Details

Be sure to check out our anti bullying show, reading show & science shows on Facebook by clicking HERE

This anti bullying school show has a strong focus on putting a stop to bulling. It teaches students to respect others and has an emphasis on character building & anti bullying! In order to develop the most effective anti bullying show, Chad sought the help and expertise of Dr. Jay Bank’s and his acclaimed “I Am Unafraid” program.  The “I Am Unafraid” approach to teaching anti bullying techniques to students and teachers has shown up to a 50% reduction rate in bullying!

Recent research suggests that this student anti bullying program reduces bullying on average of 50% (DiBasilio, 2008; Packman, Lepkowski, Overton, & Smaby, 2005).  If you want to reduce bullying in your school, this might be what you’re looking for! Chad takes the educational components of  “I Am Unafraid” and combines them with hilariously funny magic routines to bring your elementary school students “I Am Unafraid – The Magic Show!”

anti bullying magic school show

Here’s what teachers are saying after seeing our anti bullying magic school show!

Elementary School Reading Show

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

Video Teaser of The Best Reading Show (And Magic Show) in Texas “Books Create Magic”


Click For Reading Show Booking Info

School Reading Show

In this elementary school reading show, Chad Chesmark uses popular children’s books as an entrance into the wonderful world of magic. “Books Create Magic” is a reading show that focusses on the importance, joy and wonder of books and reading. Your students will witness magical moments from their favorite books as they come to life right before their very eyes! Chad shows students how virtually anything is possible when we simply open a book! This is the biggest, most exciting reading show that you and your students have ever seen! If you would like to book our reading show, or find out more information, please click HERE.

“Books Create Magic” is the most fun and interactive reading show in Texas!

Don’t forget to check out TexasSchoolShows.com and to visit us on Facebook by clicking HERE

Your reading show performer, Chad Chesmark, is a headlining magician for Disney Cruise Lines!

reading show as seen on Disney

Click For Reading Show Booking Info

Watch this video to see what teachers & librarians are saying about our reading show!

In “Books Create Magic,” magician Chad Chesmark takes favorite books, that the students love, and brings them to life! Each year, the school show is updated with new books. We try to incorporate the Texas Bluebonnet Books each year and many school librarians will use the magic show as an incentive to get the students reading. Because this works so well, many schools bring us back year after year. After the students who read enough books, tell the other school children about how much fun they had at the reading show, it makes the students who missed the show determined to read more the next school year. That’s what we call using magic to promote education!

School Show Magician Chad Chesmark from TexasSchoolShows.com performs on The Disney Magic this Week!

Posted on: November 6th, 2013 by Chad Chesmark No Comments

I had such an amazing week performing on the Disney Magic with my friend Mike Price. You’ve probably seen Mike on America’s Got Talent. He’s one of the best jugglers in the world and also a super nice/fun guy to hang out with!

Taking breaks from my Elementary School Show tour and performing for Disney, really helps me to create an even better experience for each of my educational school shows. Disney always inspires me to take my show to a new level! I can’t wait to see you at your school when I bring either my Anti-Bullying Magic Show, Reading Themed Magic Show or Brand New Science Show to your school for an amazing assembly!

school magician performs on Disney